The tips page will be a work in progress and comes from ideas and methods that can help you along when buying/selling on figBid or any other site.  If you have any suggestions for the Tips page please let us know.


Lots of these tips have to do with taking pictures.  It can definitely be a pain but it's a simple task that takes seconds to do and can help you immensely.  Pictures are easy to take with almost any smartphone.  They're easy to store, duplicate, email and erase.  Pictures have a date and time stamp that is not easily manipulated and can provide evidence that can prevent disputes from arising.



For All Users


  1. This is our marketplace and it will be carefully policed by a few.  We are shooting for 100% fairness and will never tolerate fraud of any degree.  This makes every user of figBid an important part of our network.  If you see something, say something. CONTACT US .
  2. Don't air grievances publicly, Contact Us first.  I'll do my best to resolve every issue in a timely manner.
  3. This website was not thrown together overnight.  It was painstakingly organized, tested and produced over the course of a solid year.  It is the source of many sleepless nights.  It was self-funded on a shoe string budget.  It is not pretty and lacks some bells and whistles.  But it works very well, it's safe and secure.  figBid will always be a work in progress but will always improve.  If you see something that is incorrect, errant or should be changed, please let us know.  Thanks.  
  4. Digital photos have a date and time stamp.  Take plenty of pictures!
  5. Adjust your camera to take square pictures.  Square pictures display and fit much nicer.
  6. Use the mobile site.  Functionality is the same across the board.
  7. Be sure to link your PayPal account to your figBid account after registering.  Visit the 'My Account Home' page.  Scroll down to 'Listing Preferences' on the left.  Select 'Payment' and complete the entries on the next page.
  8. Making and accepting payments through PayPal's 'Friends and Family' option is allowed but not encouraged.  See FAQ for Sellers and FAQ for Paying regarding PayPal's 'Friends and Family' option.
  9. Contact your seller through the listing and not the 'Contact Us' link.  See FAQ about messaging.
  10. Feedback is an important and valuable part of the figBid process.  Please remember to leave feedback for your buyer or seller within 30 days.
  11. Although figBid is closed to users without a US address, there are some international users on the site.  Adding a note to all of your listings regarding international shipping would be very helpful, e.g., No international shipping OR International buyers please contact us for shipping rates before bidding or buying.
  12. International buyers should contact the seller for correct shipping charges before bidding or buying.


For Buyers


  1. Click the 'Buy it Now', 'Submit Bid' or 'Quick Bid' buttons only once or you may make multiple purchases.
  2. Invoices should be paid right away.  Sometimes life gets in the way and payments can't occur immediately but generally should not take longer than 2 days.
  3. Take pictures of unopened packages.
  4. Make a video of packages being opened.
  5. Take photos and/or video of item in opened packaging. 
  6. Take photos and/or video of item immediately out of its packaging.
  7. Be aware of shipping charges, shipping times, and return policies BEFORE bidding or buying.  Ask questions.
  8. Ask sellers to combine shipping charges and add shipping insurance.
  9. Due diligence pays off.  Review feedback and search the internet.  Try to familiarize yourself as much as possible.
  10. Mold does not mean the death of a cutting.  Mold happens for many reasons outside of sellers control.  Mold is easily cleaned off a cutting. Proper care will prevent your cutting from re-molding. Mold is not an automatic refund or reason for negative feedback.  Every now and again figgers may have to clean moldy cuttings.  It's part and parcel to the hobby.


For Sellers


  1. IMPORTANT - Be sure to add shipping charges to your listing.  Enter the shipping amount and click the 'Add' button.  If you don't click the 'Add' button, buyers will think you're offering free shipping.
  2. There are international users on figBid.  If you do not ship internationally make a note in your listing.
  3. Take pictures of an item before it is packed, while in its packaging, and after it's packed.  Make sure photos are taken from different angles and correctly represents condition before, during and after packing.
  4. Buyers are attracted to free shipping and a thorough item description.  Be sure to include as much information about the item as possible and include your return policy. 
  5. Sellers are not required to but are strongly encouraged to insure their packages.  Quality sellers usually insure packages automatically.
  6. Rooting can be a tough proposition for some.  Adding an instruction sheet to a package is a nice touch.
  7. A personal plant care guide is a very thoughful addition to any purchase.  Doesn't have to be perfect.  Make it your own.
  8. Rooting and growing instructions can be added to an auction page easily.  Then copied and pasted into future auctions within seconds.
  9. Take advantage of free shipping supplies offered by USPS, UPS (Must be logged in to to order), FedEx (Must be logged in to to order
  10. Use PayPal's Multi-Order Shipping for all of your shipping needs.  It's very simple to use and you can pay for postage directly from your PayPal account.  PayPal supports all USPS shipping methods.  You have full editing control for addresses and labels, you can print multiple labels at one time and you can print labels automatically populated with buyers' information and tracking information.
  11. Check the bid history for your successful listings.  Send unsuccessful bidders a message with a second chance offer.
  12. Don't add statements such as, "Make payments through PayPal Friends and Family" or "Ship at your own risk".  While not specifically against figBid policy, they are turn-offs for buyers.
  13. The 'Hompage Featured' listing upgrade is inexpensive to use.  Use it wisely and please don't abuse it.
  14. Good Till Canceled listings are good for 30 days and may be canceled at the discretion of figBid.  If your item is listed and there is no or little activity for 30 days, please consider altering or ending the listing.