This section was developed to help new and veteran growers alike.  There is tons of useful information and it is constantly being updated with new material and topics.  This page will serve as a table of contents with links to the articles.  If you'd like to see an article about a topic that is not here please let me know.


Growing and Care

Buying Fig Trees

Rooting Fig Cuttings

Potting Mix

  • Container Soils - Water Movement and Retention - In-depth and easy to understand article describing every element for a healthy potting mix.  Written by Al (Tapla) Fassezke.  Includes original recipes for 5:1:1 and 5:1:1:1 potting mixes.   The best ever written on the subject.  Also includes links to other articles written by the author about The Basics, How Plant Growth is Limited, Help Dealing with Water Retentive Soils, and Fertilizing Containerized Plants.