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100 Jiffy® 50mm x 150mm Extra-Large Peat Pellets - Expand to 2" x 6" - Rooting

Largest peat-pellet available. Perfect to root fig cuttings and easy Fig-Pop's.

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This is a listing for one hundred (100) Extra-Large Jiffy Peat Pellets.  50mm x 150mm.  Fully expanded to an enormous 2" x 6", the largest non-custom peat-pellet available within the horticultural industry.  Manufactured under strict standards and tolerances, the same that is expected from any Jiffy product.  These Extra-Large Jiffy Peat Pellets are available in very few places and in limited quantities if they're available at all.  I've negotiated a special deal with Jiffy to make these pellets available exclusively for figgers through figBid.




Jiffy® -7 Forestry Peat Pellets

Jiffy-7 Forestry Pellet design is based on the 'open-wall container and media all-in-one'.  This design is not available on standard (smaller) retail, horticultural grade peat-pellets.  Anyone familiar with the smaller retail peat-pellet design is also familiar with the finer net container and the issues presented to fig growers.  The 'open-wall' concept is particularly important to fig growers in that it successfully secures root-pruning of the roots growing through the 'open-wall'.  Root-pruning results in a faster establishment and more natural lateral root system that is easiest to transplant or up-pot.  Additionally, the standard line of retail horticultural grade peat pellets contains added lime and consist of peat or peat/coir mixture.  Jiffy-7 Forestry Pellets contain no lime and are completely neutral.  They consist of 100% top-quality, sterile peat media, which Jiffy grades, screens, tests and analyzes on a consistent basis during manufacturing.

50mm x 150mm Jiffy-7 Forestry Pellets are perfect for rooting your fig cuttings.  Expand to a little over 6 inches long, so they're well-suited for longer cuttings.  These Extra-Large Jiffy Pellets are perfect for cups or fitted into smaller nursery pots.  But they also fit in standard 1020 trays and flats with #804 inserts.  That gives you a 4-pack of cuttings x 8 packs per insert for a total of 32 fig cuttings in a standard 1020 flat.  That's a real space saver.  The whole flat will fit neatly in a rooting bin for humidity control.  Jiffy-7 Forestry Pellets are also perfectly suited for Fig-Pop's, giving you the ultimate control over your fig cuttings.  After expanding your pellet, simply wring out at least half the water.  Drill your cutting down into the pod and poke a few more holes in the bag with a toothpick.  No rubber band is necessary to secure the cutting in place.

Please don't be fooled by lesser-quality, imported peat-pellets as they are not the same.  Imported pellets contain fillers like sawdust and chemicals for binding and water retention.  Jiffy-7 Forestry Peat Pellets contain sterile peat.  They are completely inert and neutral.  

Here is my YouTube video where I expand a Jiffy-7 Forestry Pellet in 2 minutes flat.

Here is a YouTube video where Don Willis from Jiffy explains the superiority of Jiffy's line of forestry pellets.

The versatility of Jiffy-7 Extra-Large Forestry Peat Pellets

No rooting method is 100% reliable.  But versatility is a key element and Jiffy-7 Extra-Large Foresty Peat Pellets are extremely versatile.  With a small amount of tweaking, they will improve any modern rooting method.  I've been using them since late last winter.  Based on my experience:

  • Extra-Large Jiffy-7 Forestry Peat Pellets can easily be used indoors with no mess.
  • Slice through a node on the bottom portion of your fig cutting. Please see my free step-by-step Fig-Pop assembly instructions for instructions.
  • Using any method, I've had better luck when wrapping the exposed portion of the fig cutting with parafilm.
  • After the peat pellet is fully expanded, wring out a portion of the water.  Wring out less if rooting on a heat mat.
  • If rooting on a heat mat the peat pellets will dry out quickly so keep the thermostat at a lower temperature than you may be used to with other rooting methods.  For me, I went from 79F to 74F.  Additionally, I found it was better to use a humidity bin with a heat mat, then rotate the cuttings as the outer cuttings will dry out faster.
  • The peat pellets work very well when used with traditional 'cup' methods and a humidity bin.
  • Have had the highest success rate using the Fig-Pop method with the exposed portion of the fig cutting wrapped in parafilm.  Wring out at least half the water from the expanded peat pod.  Put extra holes in the bags using your toothpick.  Don't secure the rubber band around the cutting but keep it handy.  Some will root quicker and dry out the pod right away.  In this case, secure the rubber band around the cutting.
  • Extra-Large Jiffy-7 Forestry Peat Pellets have given me a higher up-potting success rate than any other method, including retail horticultural peat pods.


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