USDA and figBid

Inline with figBid's commitment to providing a safe environment for purchasing fig trees and fig cuttings from reputable sellers, we're reminding all users that a selection of active listings are reviewed for clues of fraud on a daily basis.  The fraud we search for can range from elaborate monetary schemes to improper use of copyrighted material to illegally imported fig material and intentional misuse of nomenclature.  Once a violator is detected we investigate and determine if any active figBid member was affected by the violation.  Violators are usually expelled with no further action.  When a user may have been affected by the violator, that user is always notified and remedy is discussed.  This system works very well and it's a process not employed by eBay®, Etsy®, Amazon®, or any other website actively engaged with plant material.  None.  But figBid is taking safety a step further.  figBid recognizes the USDA's programs for tracking illegal activity, protecting us from harmful plant diseases and dangerous pests.  We appreciate the hard work and salute the efforts of detection and enforcement.  figBid's values align with the USDA in that we do our best to ensure a clean site free of illicit material.  Further, we want to do our part to help minimize or eliminate the spread of plant pests and viruses that have the potential to negatively impact our hobby, other horticultural industries, and our country.  Therefore, figBid has: 

figBid members should be reminded that it's impossible to have eyes on every single listing and we rely on your help.  You can Contact Us with the information and figBid will confidentially help you through the reporting process.  Our commitments will never change and users are always welcome to reach out, even if you just want to chat about figs.  Anything discussed is always confidential.