figBid Revisions & Updates



  • Advanced Search redesigned and customization deployed. Redundant features removed and cleaned up the Sort feature.
    • Registered user must be logged in to complete an Advanced Search
    • Search bar queries titles and listing numbers only
    • Additional search parameters added for:
      • Sold - Ending date added to results for all completed listings
      • Free Shipping
      • Sale
      • Make Offer
      • Reserve Auctions
    • Exclude words from a search
    • Include Title & Description in a search
    • Local pickup only, search by zip code
    • Search by distance
    • Additional parameters added to Show Listings and Timeframes


  • figBid experienced protracted site outage from 1840-2130 hours.  Site outage due to host backup power failure.


  • figBid experienced a site outage from 1915-1920 hours due to an upgrade.  


  • Added new Variety Name field to Create Listing page.


  • Fixed issue where the sales transaction date may display incorrectly when the Sales Report is exported.


  • Fixed bug where seller invoice will not be marked as Paid in certain instances.


  • figBid down from 9:06 AM ET to 11:15 AM ET due to host outage.


  • figBid down from 11:40 PM ET to 11:50 PM ET due to host maintenance.


  • Improved code for auction countdown timers.
  • Reserve status added to closed auctions and bid histories.
  • Corrected inconsistent title and listing ID display in My Account.
  • Corrected issue where final fees were not properly calculated when an offer was accepted on an Auction listing.
  • Fixed Typo on registration newsletter opt-in.


  • Fixed Advanced Search options, “Ending Within 1 hour/day” or “Started In The Past 1 hour/day” now excludes all closed and/or scheduled listings.


  • Successful Listings view now correctly displays Listing ID next to Title.


  • Fixed bug where seller feedback switched to buyer feedback after username is changed.


  • Fixed bug where error returned when user sending a direct message to another user in certain circumstances.


  • Changed colors of Status icons for invoices on the Listings > Invoices page to:  
    • New Invoices: Red
    • Paid Invoices: Green
    • Shipped Invoices: Blue


  • Integration with PayPal's Shipping Center added to Invoices and Invoice Paid email.


  • Slogan change.


  • Invoicing issues tied to Combined Shipping corrected.  Sellers will have an easier time with automated invoicing and buyers won't have to wait for sellers to combine shipping for certain items before paying an invoice.
  • The ability for users to delete listings and messages were removed.


  • figBid newsletter starts.


  • Logo update and slogan change.


  • Fixed bug where 'Allow Instant Checkout' was not allowing invoices to combine in certain instances.
  • 'Allow Instant Checkout' feature enhanced.  Checkbox removed from users' accounts and 'Allow Instant Checkout' is now persistent.


  • figBid begins collecting 2% Final Value Fee.


  • figBid moved to larger, managed server.


  • Site outage around 8PM for 15 minutes. Host mitigated unavoidable crash.  figBid first site back up.


  • Site outage overnight for about an hour due to an unscheduled upgrade by host.


  • New Blocking Tools added
    • Tool for users to block other users.
    • Tool for users to block by location.
    • Location Exemption Tool where you can exempt a user from being blocked by their location.
  • Shipping now a mandatory entry on the ‘Create Listing’ page.
  • Added a ‘Free Shipping’ checkbox on the 'Create Listing' page.  When checked, it triggers a ‘Ships Free’ badge on the listing.
  • Advanced Search button added next to search box.
  • Feedback window closes after 30 days.
  • Number of search and browse results now appears at the top of each page of returned results.
  • Messaging enhanced - figBid members can now send messages to any other figBid members.
  • Feedback number now displayed next to your user-name throughout the site.
  • Member Since date added.
  • 'Additional Amount' changed to 'Combined Shipping'.
  • Changed color of 'Buy it Now' and 'Make Offer' buttons.
  • Aesthetic site improvements.
  • Internal improvements.


  • 'Quick Bid' feature added to search and browse results
  • Inline 'Winning' or 'Not Winning' banner will display if you're currently bidding on an auction.
  • 'Large Bid Confirmation' improved. If you accidentally bid 100x more than the minimum next bid a safety feature (pop-up) triggers and asks if you really want to bid that high.
  • Internal improvements.


  • Large Bid Confirmation pop-up added
  • Edit Category for Draft Listing feature added
  • Outbid notification email added.
  • Internal improvements.


  • Articles section of figBid added.


  • 'Quick Bid' feature added to auction-type listings.


  • 'Make an Offer' feature upgraded to accept multiple offers.
  • Classified section of figBid turned off.  References to trading removed from site.


  • Site down for 20 minutes from 1815 hrs to 1835 hrs for an internal upgrade.


  • Contact Us link removed from the homepage to correct a messaging issue.


  • Other Fruit (Non-Fig) category added.


  • Fee Invoice placeholder address removed.
  • All references to 'Buy Now' and 'Fixed Price' changed to 'Buy it Now'.
  • Create Listing page reconfigured.


  • Homepage facelift
  • Fee Invoice reconfigured.
  • Display optimized for desktop.
  • Feedback button added to each listing.
  • Listing page reconfigured for easier navigation.


  • Site opened Internationally again.  No live plant material allowed.


  • Increased amount of pictures for listings to 10.


  • International use turned off


  • figBid launch