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100 Yellow Vinyl Wrap-Around Nursery Plant Tree Tags Hanging Labels

7" x 3/4" * FREE SHIPPING to US and CANADA *

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This is 100 Yellow7" x 3/4", Long-Lasting, Vinyl, Wrap-Around Tree Labels.  Now available in Yellow, OrangeBlue, and White.  I've put this listing together for figBidders only.  figBid has the lowest price for 100 vinyl wrap-around tree-labels on the internet.  The pricing doesn't come close on eBay® and figBid even beats Amazon® and Amazon Prime® pricing.  If you find a lower price you're most likely looking at cheap plastic labels and not vinyl.  Please let me know either way and I'll tell you what they actually are.  Real vinyl tags cannot be fed into a thermal printer and must be hot-stamped or hand-written.  Please Contact Me for preferred pricing of 500 vinyl wrap-around tags or more.  Free USPS First Class Shipping.  This includes FREE SHIPPING to Canada!

These Vinyl Wrap-Around Tree Tags are available in Orange, Blue, and White too.  Click here to see our full inventory of Vinyl Wrap-Around Tree Tags.

TWO IS ONE, ONE IS NONE!  Murphy's law always finds a way of striking fig hobbyists.  Turn your back for one second, and an unlabeled fig tree or cutting suddenly becomes an unknown.  It happens to the best of us.  But it's easy to redeem yourself with the mantra, 'Two is one, one is none.'  Do you have an expanding fig orchard?  Have you bought more than ten cuttings this season?  Has your spouse threatened to...  if you can answer yes to any of these questions then you need to live by 'Two is one, one is none'.  More on this later.  Labeling your fig trees is the easiest thing you can do to protect your collection and these are the labels to do it.  No label is forever, but vinyl wrap-around tree tags come close to it.  They are tough and remain flexible and durable in the worst and coldest weather, season after season.  I know this is true because I use them and have the same yellow vinyl wrap-around tree tags that are more than 12 years old!  Each label has a large, smooth surface to write on.  Black Sharpie markers really make the label pop.  Easy and secure keyhole fastening system.  

Are all wrap-around tree tags created equal?  You'd think that finding vinyl tree tags is easy.  But it's not.  There are suppliers selling cheap plastic tree tags as vinyl.  Cheap plastic tree-tags are... cheap.  There's no other way to put it.  They may last a season or two and that's all.  Accidentally knock into a brittle plastic tag and it'll crack right off.  And don't count on them lasting through a wind-driven storm.  They'll break off and be swept away into the next county.  Some plastic tags fail simply by pulling the tail through the lock.  I've taken the guesswork out of it for you.  These wrap-around tree tags are soft, pliable and manufactured with a heavier gauge vinyl that stretches and twists with the wind instead of cracking like plastic.  They'll take a beating in a tough environment and keep on hanging like a champ.

What other methods can I use to tag my fig trees?  That's a great question.  I've used many different methods of tagging our fig trees.  Sheet aluminum, Impress-o-tags, copper discs, mini-blinds, plastic and wood stakes, dog tags, homemade, etc.  Most have some value but some have no value.  The value in any fig tree tagging system is in the time vs cost vs durability.  Instead of going through each one, I'll tell you what I've found to be bullet-proof and works best.  Ideally, you should have multiple identification markers on each fig tree.  Two is one, one is none.  Label the tree, soil, and the pot.  

  • I've found The best method of labeling a fig tree is to use the yellow vinyl wrap-around tree tags together with a printed label from a standard label-maker.  The two used together are bullet-proof.  Laminated label-maker labels never fade.  Not even a little bit.  I have several yellow vinyl tags fashioned with label-maker labels that are 10 years old and still going strong.  You can also mark the trunk of your fig tree with a marker or paint pen.  It's easy, quick and provides an added layer of identification when all else fails.  
  • Label the soil with standard write-on nursery stakes.  Homemade stakes made from an old set of mini-blinds works best and is the most economical.  Write on the stake with a regular #2 pencil.  Pencil never fades and lasts longer than any industrial marker available.  If you really must use a marker pick up a Sharpie Extreme.  You'll get a little more than a year's time in the elements with a Sharpie Extreme.  Mark the tag above and below the soil line.  
  • Mark your pots with a paint pen, label-maker label, or specially designed riveted metal tag.  Any of the three will work but I like the riveted tags best.  Riveted tags are economical, look great, and never fail.  Custom riveted metal tags are available on figBid right now.  

What else can I use Yellow Vinyl Wrap-Around Tree Tags for?  You are not limited to fig trees.  You may use vinyl wrap-around tree tags for any plants, shrubs, or trees as you see fit.  You can use them in the vegetable garden too.


  • Don't ever turn your back or take your eyes off of an unlabeled pot or cutting.
  • Replace missing or damaged labels right away.
  • Don't use nursery stakes as your primary method of tagging a fig tree.  They get lost easily.
  • Take the time to re-mark labels every season with an industrial type black marker.  Sharpie Extreme is best.
  • Cutting tags from aluminum or tin is a great idea but dangerous and time-consuming.
  • Cutting stakes from old mini-blinds is quick and easy.
  • Fancy metal discs, dog-tags, or specially designed metal stakes look and work great.  But they're costly.  Not practical if you have more than a few varieties to label.
  • Use light or bright colored labels.  They're much easier to see quickly when everything is in bloom.
  • Buy a label-maker.  Label-makers are inexpensive and one of the best tools for an expanding fig tree collection.