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High quality custom embossed stainless steel tags

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Listed for sale are high quality custom embossed stainless steel tags.  I bought an embossing machine for my own large fruit tree collection and for my orchard clients who were tired of looking at paper maps and replacing cheap quality tags every year or two.  These tags are durable, long lasting and easy to read. 

Attaching the labels : 

I recommend using a piece of 20 or 22 guage galvanized wire that is considerably larger than the branch or trunk in question to allow room for growth.  It is good to check on the tags every few years to make sure that the wire is not girdling the branch/trunk, I make my wires at least three times the size of the branch.  If you are growing in a container the labels may also be attached directly to the handle of a pot or strung through a drilled hole.  For in ground trees, shrubs, plants, etc. the labels may be attached by wire or nails to a small wooded stake.

Want to label a crate?  I can punch zip tie slots instead of punched holes for no extra charge.

Free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

15% discount if you purchase 100 tags or more!

***Please respect  the 25 character limit, spaces included.  If you need a tag with more characters we can do this but you will be charged for two tags.***

Shipping charge covers any number of tags between 1 and 100!

Please be sure to spell the names of your varieties correctly for your own records.  Thank you,




Thanks to a helpful suggestion from a fellow fruit nut I have now started riveting my labels to pots and buckets! I used a 17$ rivet gun from the local hardware store, a 2$ 3/8" (3.1mm) drill bit and 1/8" (3mm) rivets. The holes on the tags are 3mm exactly so i held the tag in place and drilled through to widen the hole 0.1mm, then the rivet fits smoothly. Pump first rivet until it breaks, then line up and drill hole number two! Quick and easy, tags can't fall off or be switched by mischievous people...