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1 Oz Budding Strips - Budding Rubbers - Bud Strips Grafting Nursery Rubber Bands

Size: 8" x 3/8" x .020" - Approximately 32 budding strips per ounce

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Tree grafting is now a lot easier with Red Rooster® grafting and budding strips.  Normal grafting time is reduced by half.  No preparation necessary.  Just graft, wrap, tie and you’re done.  Red Rooster® budding strips are easily applied and provide even pressure across the entire bound area.  They are designed to hold the cut areas of the graft or bud union firmly in place offering better protection and help grafts knit faster.  Manufactured from 100% natural rubber so environmentally friendly.  Removal is not required.  Budding strips begin to self-loosen and deteriorate 2-3 weeks after application.   Each strip measures 8" x 3/8" x 0.20" (20 gauge) and there are approximately 32 budding strips per ounce.  This is the size strip recommended by professionals for grafting and budding fig trees.  Please Contact Us for preferred pricing of orders more than 1 lb.

Fig trees are easy enough to clone by cuttings or air-layering and grafting was never really a consideration.  Recently, increased popularity, rising costs for rare and desirable varieties, and high demand have propelled fig tree grafting into the mainstream.  This translates into healthier trees grown at alarmingly fast rates and more quality figs on the table years sooner than using traditional techniques.  Moreover, fig trees are very forgiving and novice grafters can learn, easily practice, and master grafting techniques.

Grafting is one of the most rewarding gardening and horticultural experiences.  The feeling of joy and pride derived from your first successful graft is indescribable.  And anyone can do it.  I really mean anyone.  Please don't think grafting is only for the professionals.  Pick up some grafting tape and give it a shot.  Don't worry, some grafts will fail and it happens to everyone.  You'll realize very quickly that your techniques will get better with every single graft.  Some more tips:

  • Get yourself a book about grafting.  My favorite is The Grafter's Handbook by R.J. Garner.  
  • Buy an inexpensive grafting knife.  Don't worry about the brand or edge right now.  Inexpensive is the way to go at first.  Check out the FELCO Victorinox we currently have listed on figBid.  It's a great knife to begin with.
  • To create the best seal, pair up your budding strips with a roll of Parafilm® grafting tape, also available on figBid.
  • Here is a link to a printable basic guide on grafting.  The guide was written by Dr. Ted Bilderback, a professor of horticultural science at North Carolina State University and director of the university’s J.C. Raulston Arboretum.  You can open the link and print the guide right from the site.  Grafting and Budding Nursery Crop Plants
  • Take a look at some of these wonderful videos:

Chip-Bud Grafting in Figs - The easiest grafting technique there is.

Grafting Fig Trees - Whip and Tongue - Grafting Technique.

Chip-Bud Grafting in Figs - Part 2 - Tips and update.

Grafting Figs | T-Bud Grafting Technique - Quick Demonstration.

Grafting Figs | Chip-Bud Grafting Technique | Quick Demonstration.