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100 Golden Oyster Mushroom Plugs


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This is a fresh pack of 100 pieces of Golden Oyster (Pleurotus citrinopileatus) wooden dowel Mushroom Plug spawn, fully colonized and ready for inoculating.  Golden Oyster is a tropical oyster strain that thrives in warm weather.  Produces large clusters with beautiful yellow caps throughout the summer months.  Golden Oyster mushrooms are a favorite at farmers' markets.  Grows well on many different hardwood species including oak, maple, and poplar.  Free First Class shipping within the US!

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We have a few dozen acres of old Red Pines on the farm, probably the work from a conservation planting sometime early last century.  The pines were never cared for or culled so a tree drops every now and then taking a section of one or several other trees down with it. This leaves gaping holes here and there where the sunlight is able to reach the forest floor and new growth begins.  Outside that new growth, still in the damp shade of the pines, we'll always find big beautiful mushrooms growing.  My family loves mushrooms so this gave us the idea to try our hand at mushroom farming.  We ordered mushroom spawn late in 2019 (early for 2020) but due to the events of last year were unable to complete the full 'mushroom project' and had to sell off the plugs we didn't use.

We didn't expect the plug spawn to sell as well as they did and were sold out in only a few days.  I guess it makes perfect sense (for northeast fig growers, anyway) to fill the lull right before fig season with something to grow.  So this season we decided to stock a good supply of different varieties and were able to lower the price a bit.  We just received the plugs today (04.13.20) and they are fresh.  The plugs will remain refrigerated until they're gone.  Our plugs were purchased from FEDCO and FEDCO sourced their plugs from Northspore.  Northspore is a leader in the mushroom industry and a trusted source for mushroom mycelium.  Inoculating a log with wooden dowel mushroom plug spawn is very easy.  There are tons of videos available online but the pamphlet from Northspore in the pics above should be fine.  

After putting last season's listing together we had the chance to innoculate a few log's worth of plugs.  It wasn't the full project as we had hoped but at least we were able to start some.  We searched for a healthy red oak that needed to be culled and cut the oak into 3' sections.  The tree was about 7" in diameter.  I drilled 5/16" holes about an inch deep every 4" or so, in a diamond pattern as suggested, and used blue masking tape on the bit as a depth guide.  My two boys drove the plugs in and countersunk a tiny bit with a blunt metal rod and my wife melted a block of beeswax in a double boiler.  I used an inexpensive big-box paintbrush to wax over each plug and the ends of the Red Pine forest.  When we put the logs out it was raining and did not have to water them.  It was a fun and very easy project to complete.  We're looking forward to adding more varieties next weekend.