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Chinese Multicolored Spinach (Leaf Amaranth) – Free Shipping.

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Chinese Multicolored Spinach (Leaf Amaranth)

My favorite vegetable for 2020. This amaranth (not actually a spinach) plant is grown not for its seed heads, but for its leaves. It is a widely consumed vegetable in Asian and is a substitute for spinach. There are several varieties of leaf amaranth, but this one is especially tender yet it is also one of the most ornamental vegetables (Look at the pictures which include the leaves as well as flowers). It loves the hot weather and will do very well in the peak of summer. It is drought-resistant and not fuzzy with soil conditions.

It has very few pests and diseases and it is a very low maintenance heirloom vegetable. If you struggle with growing plants from the brassica family (cabbage, broccoli, collards), try this. It is one of the easiest vegetables you can grow and my favorite low maintenance vegetable to grow. Easily one of the tastiest, tender, and ornamental vegetables I grow—yes, you can have it all in one plant. It is not surprising that this particular variety is becoming very popular in the United States. Grow them in front of your house for a low maintenance ornamental plant and in your backyard for a tasty, quick-growing edible.

This is one of the most tender and tasty leaf amaranths for eating. You can boil this, cook it in soups, or stir fry them (Asian style). I love them stir-fried. They are more tender than spinach. Pluck out the leaves and cook them as you would spinach. The gravy/sauce will be colored pinkish-purple after cooking.

They grow very vigorously. Plant in late spring or early summer. It takes about three weeks to get to 2 feet high in early summer. Harvest the plant by cutting it down and leave about 6 to 8 inch of the plant at the bottom with a few small leaves. The plant will regrow in about 10 to 14 days. You can do this 4 or 5 times. After that, you should be in early fall. Let the plant continue to grow in Fall and do not harvest it any further and in 1.5 to 2 months after that, you should have seed heads that are very heavy with thousands of seeds. The plant is likely to reseed itself each year. An extremely easy plant to grow.  

This is the same plant that you can purchase on Baker’s Creek where it sells for $3.50 for around 100 seeds. I am selling 300 seeds for $3.75. You may look at the reviews for this plant there. Free shipping within the USA (not selling internationally). Please ensure that your state allows you to grow this.

Bakers Creek Seeds: 100 seeds for $3.50
My price: 300 seeds for $3.75

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